Viewers Opine About Poker Masters

Since Poker Masters was launched as an inaugural event this year, there are mixed responses from the poker community regarding what the event involved and how it played out.

It was on from September 20th and was a high stakes roller series that was streamed and broadcasted live on PokerGo as a subscription on demand service.

Viewers who witnessed the event and saw the highest amount of buy in events where the big players participated, many were turned off by this mere fact. The amount of money that was required to take part in a certain buy in event of the tournament was enough to buy a luxury car for most people. On the other hand the players at the event were tossing such money around to play a set of cards. Those who spent around $500,000 to play such games were not people general poker players identify with. For instance, many wanted to know where the players were getting the money to invest in the games. For instance, Sontheimer who was a name unheard of till now in the live tournament games ended up becoming a name in the poker world as he ended up winning nearly five million.

Most of the poker tournaments usually gain popularity as they make the different rounds easy for people to participate in and they provide opportunities, even for freshers to come and try their hands at beating the big stars. Poker Masters ensured exclusivity as the entries were priced, high from the very beginning. In order for the Pokers Masters, becoming a success, it is necessary to ensure that players sign a commitment that they are putting in their own money and not being sponsored secretly; it would also be good if the average Joe could participate in the event. There could always be a tournament or a contest held whereby an average Joe could gain entry into one of the contests of the tournament and get the chance to win big.