The Biggest Poker Tournament For Chinese Is Coming Up Online

The Tony Bet Poker has very recently announced that it will be conducting a tournament that is going to be the biggest ever Chinese Poker tournament of its kind ever to be held over the Internet. The owner of the company says that they have been working with this venture for a long time now and their motive is to give the best experience of poker for their Chinese players. The owner also states that he is extremely positive about the series and he believes that a lot of players are going to come and play or even watch the players pay and this will also lead to a lot of cash coming in.

He also states that through this tournament he not only wants to reward the winner but also every single player who plays the game for winning. The opening tournament or the game of this tournament will be of the Pineapple event which will feature 10 Euros as the prize to play for. Following this, there will be continual action for the 10 days of the tournament and this will lead the players, all the way to the mega prize of a guarantee of 5000 Euros.

A professional from Lithuania has mentioned that he will be taking part in the majority of the tournament and depending on how it goes; he will even perhaps put the bounty. But he wants to find out how the tournament goes by first beginning to play. Another Brazilian professional also mentioned that he is excited to take part in each of the tournament that Poker is set to offer and he is also excited for the big prizes and the guarantee. This tournament is set to continue for a long time now and will create history in the game of poker.