Poker Quiz For Players

If you are a poker player you will realize the philosophical aspect of poker as well.

That is what all players realize, especially as they play and find that the chips have a way of going round and landing at different hands at different times. There is much significance that is attaché to the shape of the chips as well. There might be several geometric varieties that can exist in shapes, but when it comes to poker chips, the circle is the shape that is most common. The Weekly Poker News Quiz was held recently and it talked about the idea that led to the chips being circles mostly in this game.

There are arguments that point out how the other game accessories tend to be round in shape as well. These include circular tables, round chips and others. Again, the games tend to move clockwise, which again suggests a circular shape in the turnout of events.

These might be aspects that are most evident in poker games, but there are other subtle ways the round shape manifests itself. For instance the action patterns as well as repeated behavior among participants are instances of how the concept of going round and round manifests itself in poker.

There are terms in poker that represent circles as well. There was a contest held in order to check how players on the leader board are able to identify the terms which are akin to the round shape or circle. There are approximately eight terms that resemble the concept of a circle. PokerStars also bring in a free roll event which is present for the players to participate in every month. With five thousand dollars to be won as prize money, it is an event that brings in a lot of participation on the website.