Bill Chen-Poker professional having 2 bracelets

When you think of playing a game, there are quite a number of games played across. Among such games Poker game is played by many professionals whereby the game is just the handling of the cards which is to be used or handled with logic definitely. The game is quite interesting when a professional handles the game. The game can be really handled in a professional manner when a professional handles the game. Such a professional poker player is Bill Chen who is also a versatile person who has multiple career apart from playing poker.

He wrote a technical report:

The Poker player Bill Chen is a familiar player for having won his bracelets which are numbered in 2. The player’s name is William “Bill” Chen, whereby he was born on 1970 in Virginia. The player has the several employment backgrounds thus being as quantitative analyst, software designer and also as the Poker player too. The player does hold the PhD in Maths, whereby the player has earned his undergraduate by majoring in three subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. He turned to be an intern too, whereby he also has written the technical report finding or realising an Argument game.

It was twice he turned winning the bracelet in World Series of Poker in these following year 2006 by winning 2 bracelets in same year. The former win of Bill Chen was $ 2, 500 Short Handed No Limit Hold’em and also the latter bracelet in $ 3, 000 Limit Hold’em. The player is the member of team Poker Stars too. Also, Bill Chen turned to be the co-author of The Mathematics of Poker. This one is the game theory which is applied to the game of playing Poker. He has made 14 cashes too.